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Here are a few articles you might find helpful from our blog.

Emotional Control

I wrote an article over at Holistic Health Daily entitled Holistic Health – Emotional Control Equals Better Health and in the article I mentioned that emotional control created balance and flow. Continue reading →

My Bad Grammar And The Law of Attraction

It always continues to amaze me at what people put in their way that keeps them from having the life that they want. Our BS-Belief System makes us feel superior while others continue struggling, trying and attempting to be successful. It happened with my bad grammar and the law of attraction.

Someone on a Law of Attraction blog wrote... Continue reading →

Pain Management vs Pain Elimination: Big Business Is Calling

The numbers will blow you away. Pain numbers that is. The reason I’m writing this article, Pain Management vs Pain Elimination is because I think to many people are suffering AND being taken advantage of by what we call the modern medical establishment.

Between the two pain management vs pain elimination there should be no contest. You would think, wouldn’t you? Most people I know would prefer to eliminate pain rather than to manage it. That makes all the sense in the world. And like My Grampa Vetter said, “the best form of pain management is pain elimination”. But that is not what is happening. Continue reading →